Construct It Kit Platinum X – Black Hawk

Construct It Kit Platinum X – Black Hawk

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The Construct It Kit Platinum X Black Hawk is the ultimate construction kit! Create from scratch an awesome and powerful looking Black Hawk Helicopter. This is part of the Platinum X range from Construct It which means that it is made with high-quality stainless-steel parts. This gives it a really high-quality look and also ensures that it has a very high end and long-lasting feel to it.

Part of what makes the Platinum range so great is the fact that this is not just for children. Builders of all ages can have fun with this and at over 500 pieces it is a fun challenge. The Construct It Kit Platinum X Black Hawk is going to show you the basics of engineering and thanks to the real tools that are included, you will have a real appreciation and understanding of how things are put together. Not only will you be having fun, but you will also be learning as you do!

As there are over 500 pieces in the Construct It Kit Platinum X Black Hawk set, you can use your imagination and newly learned engineering skills to make your own constructions! From cool vehicles, awesome structures and even abstract pieces of art! The only limitations here are your own imagination.


Key Features:

  • Create your own Black Hawk Helicopter
  • Teaches you engineering skills
  • Comes with actual tools
  • STEM Learning which is great for kids
  • Adults will enjoy putting this together too!
  • Educational and fun